sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

engagement Jessica + Romeu + Lisboa

Luis + Kerry of {Piteira Photography} was kind enough to send over this adorable engagement session that took place in one of my favorite cities...Lisbon!!

Here's Jessica + Romeu love story...

"I live in the US and my fiance, Romeu, lives in Portugal. I travel every summer to Portugal, to our small beach town just outside of Aveiro to visit my family. Romeu is a local there, and we met through family & friends, and we were just a "summer fling" I began college and was unable to travel summers to Portugal for nearly 3-4 years, so Romeu and I lost touch. After those few years, I went back to Portugal, really hoping I would see him again, not knowing anything about him, if he was still in Portugal, was dating someone, etc. One evening, I was home and my brother told me somebody was outside to see me. I thought I'd leave Portugal without seeing Romeu, well, low and behold it was him !! From that evening on, we spent our days together, on the beach, evenings with friends, etc. I just knew Romeu was the one! However, I was at the time studying at the university in Miami, Florida and Romeu was also studying. We had a long distance relationship and only saw each other once a year, during the summers. Romeu and I really had something special and we knew we couldnt pass the opportunity on that "spark" we had. We share many common interests: music, the outdoors, traveling, modern & edgy art.. we knew there was definitely something there !! So Romeu surprised me in 2008, for Valentines Day, where he showed up at my doorstep, I could not believe it that he was in the US ! So we spent the next three years, until now, traveling every few months, in between Miami, New Jersey (where I am originally from and currently residing) and Portugal. He proposed to me this passed January, in Portugal, and I couldn't be happier !"

para acabar em beleza a semana ... uma sessão fantástica pelas mãos do Luís e da Kerry do Piteira Photography
enjoy, inspirem-se e tenha um grande fim de semana ! 

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